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[06 Jul 2005|11:07pm]
hi guys!
Um...no more sweetslikeme I dont think.
I'm not quite sure yet but we'll see. I dont even like posting anymore. m'on'm.
For those of you who dont understand ghetto murmurs, that was an "I dont know".
Goodaye folks.
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Life's Gooooood. [31 May 2005|02:28am]
[ mood | Graduation in 3 days ]

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I'm living the hell out of life right now.
Reason I haven't posted any of it? I'm not used to actually being
THIS serious about being happy.
Delete me if you choose, but it's not like I'm going anywhere for THAT long.
I've been gone longer. Take my advice and put the mouse down and
look at what you're missing. Don't settle for what (or who) you think is just
alright to settle for...you could be missing out on what (or who) really
deserves your effort.

*walking testimonial*
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[22 May 2005|08:06pm]
[ mood | I feel like I'm alllllll dat. ]

Havent posted in a while!
Feels like it's been years or something, because I hardly ever have anything to say. Why is that when I write nonstop?
Lately, I 've been having ooberly extraordinary things to say but...
sorry guys...
I don't think that serious things should be posted on here even if it is a locked entry, ya'll (not all but most) dont really know me and probably wouldnt care or would be quaintly surprised at what really runs thru my world because it is really different in regards to what goes thru my mind---which is what I write on here most of the time.
I dont mind my thoughts being publicized, but my real life, that's for the real-life people I blend with every day. The Meeks and the Morgs, the Vances and the Ju-Jus and so on.

No more sob stories, I'm doing me. And life's been hellasweet since I made up my whimsical mind to NOT make my mind up any longer and do what my astrological and mental/spiritual forces bestow upon me. Good choice?
Hope so.
I made a bunch of buddies at my baby sister's birthday suare'e' the other night and I must say HAPPY BIRTHDIZZLE MORFIZZLEDIZZLE.
You're my little skinny pride and joy little boy! Hope you liked your card that was for a brother instead of a sister. U know I had to be the jackass of the party----and thanx Meekers and Jordanular for letting me riiiiide up there even though Rell took me home (lmao? yeah!)

More deep thought in the next post maybe.
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